ZOM In The News – Zomedica Stock is Off To a Rough Start Today

Zomedica Pharmaceutical by First American News LLC

First American News LLC, Raleigh NC: following the war in Ukraine, some stocks are off to a bad start this Monday. Zomedica closed last Friday at $0.35 down 3.32% from previous close at $0.36. Zomedica News – ZOM reported its last quarter earnings this past Friday and it announced revenues and gross margin for the […]

The Stock Market Has Historically Remain Strong When The Feds Raise Interest Rates

the stock market by bloombergsubscription.com

Bloomberg Businessweek LLC, Raleigh, NC: As the Nasdaq 100 comes off its worst week since the pandemic selloff in March 2020, investors now have to contend with Wednesday’s Fed meeting, where officials are expected to signal that they’ll raise interest rates in March and shrink their balance sheet soon after, says Gaby Mendoza of MB […]

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