Is The Job Market a Contributing Factor to The Inflation in The US?

Is The Job Market a Contributing Factor to The Inflation in The US by bloombergsubscriptioncom

At the Federal Reserve, they are beginning to worry about rising wages and how this can lead to high inflation in the economy. So officials wonder how much risk there is of this actually happening. The Government should continue to maintain rates high to combat inflation reports James Travis of The Fed’s preferred measure […]

US Stocks Waver as Inflation Concerns Persist: Markets Wrap

US Stocks Waver as Inflation Concerns Persist_ Markets Wrap by bloombergsubscription

US stocks fluctuated as many Federal Reserve officials rehashed their higher-rates-for-longer message. The S&P 500 had climbed as much as 0.9% after Fed Vice Chair Lael Brainard acknowledged the need to monitor the impact rising borrowing costs could have on global-market stability. It pared gains as investors contend with continued strength in personal consumption expenditure, […]

Hurricane Ian Hits Central Florida Leaving Economic Problems

Hurricane Ian Will Cause Short-Term Economic Hit, Economists Say by bloombergsubscription

Hurricane Ian will likely weigh on U.S. economic growth through the end of 2022, economists say. Beyond that, the rebuilding and recovery will nudge up economic output over the coming years. According to an early estimate by Fitch Ratings, the hurricane pummeled fast-growing communities along the southwest coast of Florida, causing between $25 billion and […]

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